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Try this direct link, Wow, this is outstanding. The Guide summarizes the frequency and span of all service in a few tables. A couple quibbles, though –. xref If Northgate is excluded, what is included? The one issue I have: as a person who very rarely rides transit, I don’t feel like the legend makes sense to me. View The Map. There is a major topographical feature between 15th and Lake City Way that is both a real and a psychological divide between Lake City/Meadowbrook and Northgate (there are only two arterial lanes of traffic running E-W over that divide between 80th and 145th, as an example). It’s a little difficult to follow the routes in places where lines intersect. The quick and dirty would probably be an image map. Your description is pretty much the one I grew up with. Their limited service hours call for reduced visual emphasis on the map. ... That would cover a niche between the all-Seattle map and the frequent map, and could replace the frequent map if the infrequent lines are unobtrusive enough to be ignored. Awesome job! I no longer live in the area, although I do still have property there; generally speaking I think the service changes are good ones for NE Seattle (and as a former frequent rider of the 75 it had pretty decent service before). 0001495906 00000 n I’m coming to the point of view that the numbers on 3rd are unnecessary since nearly every route runs on it. TriMet uses that for its interactive system map The density surrounding 65th east of 15th is not that much different than the density on 65th and 8th NW. A dark route badge indicates the route runs seven days a week, whereas a light route badge indicates a route runs on weekdays only or has no Sunday service. There are several possible directions it could go: it could be updated to the March network, some of the work has already been done; or it could be abandoned in favor of the new map; or it could be redesigned to be a companion to the new map, although it will take some time after the March map is completed. Anyone saying “See? These concepts are borrowed from Washington, DC’s bus system maps and Spokane Transit’s system map, both of which CHK redesigned in 2012 and 2011, respectively. 0001486276 00000 n The Seattle Transit Map, discover Seattle the car(e)free way. Link Northgate serves NE Seattle!” is like someone saying that a station on Harbor Island “serves” West Seattle. Streets and lines with more service get more prominent labels. endstream endobj 8 0 obj <> endobj 9 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Fields[]>> endobj 10 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Shading<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[88.3803 167.723 504.169 1252.39]/Type/Page>> endobj 11 0 obj [/DeviceN[/Cyan/Magenta/Black]/DeviceCMYK 36 0 R 38 0 R] endobj 12 0 obj <>stream You would have a hard time finding individual routes in all the clutter. But if you can sell this to Metro, ST, etc., please have the routes be clickable. The trend of maps I have recently worked on is to design them as a friendly overview of the transit system rather than an overly detailed trip planning tool. This seems like a huge step up from anything I have seen before for Seattle. 1) you can view the map full screen (and save as a web app) if you follow the link under the viewer. One minor addition: Can you add a way to represent station entrances and exits? 0001496398 00000 n 0001457841 00000 n The shoreline has been smoothed out; showing every single pier and dock and little cove on a transit map is a distraction. The first stop of the 413 bus route is Swamp Creek Park & Ride and the last stop is Olive Way & Boren Ave. 413 (Direction: Seattle 4th Ave) is operational during weekdays. It can’t be too big because it will cost more and be inconvenient to carry around and use. F�+/�43б�pQ6�g���� 4X*� Northstar. Objects include Puget Sound, smoked salmon, coffee, Rainier cherries, coast rhododendrons, moss, sea otters, and grey skies. This helps the reader trace a route across the city and reduces the occurrence of “shield hunting”, where readers get lost trying to follow a path on the map and have to rely on the route labels (or shields on highway maps) to figure out the route. The engineer side of my brain (which is most of it) like the clarity of the two sources for the two types of info, but maybe another solution could be reached. It would be nice if OSM/GIS can do that on the fly but like I said, we’re not there yet. Though to be clear, this is not an official SDOT transit map. In the meantime, TRU has paper copies of this draft available for anyone who would prefer to give study and give feedback on a handheld copy. That can’t fit on a comprehensive two-page map, but maybe it should be made into a separate handout. Resolve a fare violation. I agree that ideally you wouldn’t need that but unfortunately it can be hard to find stations today. I’ll take part of the blame for the SDOT maps because they used my frequent transit map as a base. Legend I’d like people to be able to hang a transit map on their wall. Kudos!!! On this map, it is very clear that Aurora, Jackson, Pacific, and Pike/Pine (excerpted below) have ultra-frequent service. The Map features the entire network of frequent service, regular all-day service, and peak-only commuter service in the city, all on a single stylized-geographic map, plus a few specialized maps showing detail of busy areas or certain services. Please contact them for details on getting a map. Thank you all your hard work on this. Some more text explaining which hours the map applies and what frequency each color mean would help. A seamless transfer at 125th/LCW to the 522 (and the 372, although I rarely used it as I was typically going downtown) from the 75 is a big deal and I hope a predecessor to more “Rapid Ride” like amenities. This would show the line styles for Link, RapidRide, Street Car, Ferry, and Bus, with all of the colors for buses listed and explained. This would free up flexibility to add some nice new features, for example: 1) Increase the size of the map to take up more of the screen. The line thickness is mostly consistent across modes (monorail is the exception). Along with the great information you manage to get onto a single map, a quick glance shows the transit wasteland that is NE Seattle (and, no, Northgate is not part of NE Seattle). Thank you! 0000235133 00000 n Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Look at that map. But I would love to have an updated version of the Seattle every 15 minutes or less map. West Valley is a road that runs north and south from Tukwila to Sumner, passing through Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, Algona, Pacific, Sumner, and portions of unincorporated Pierce and King counties. X������QP�����%I��L��'0�e�k�r`2`�9�v���1���b�&���bD0>ate�i���T����d%� �iv�9���0}a��`|X����a���+�0��r������� w � Outbound runs from Rainier Beach run on Henderson at Rainier Ave South like Route 8 and proceed on Henderson directly to the Rainier Beach Link station. With strategically located stops along the way, hop on and off the City Sightseeing Bus Tour and fully explore one of America’s most vibrant cities. It’s much more informative than the existing King county metro maps. Interactive map of Seattle with all popular attractions - Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Waterfront Park and more. A Line C Line Red Line. It isn’t terribly useful to me given my location out here in the burbs of Tacoma, but Seattle riders, especially newbies, will find this very useful. Unlike the Frequent Map, it is not designed to be printed at home because I wanted to show more detail without making everything too small. I just remember where the edges of the 15-minute network are. Another thing, as Mark Y asks above, people will be asking Metro to make maps like this, and they’ll also want maps for outside the city limits. There is one little area (around 80th) that has moderate density, but everything else (for quite a ways) has very few people. 0000447693 00000 n Since there are so few of them I could make them thinner…. *A slight variation on Metro’s definition. This often means showing service frequency and span intuitively. 0001458355 00000 n A topic for another thread, but this is the kind of thing that shows exactly why better transit to that area is sorely needed and why a 130th Street station and some form of frequent, Rapid Ride transit up the Lake City corridor is well worth pursuing. Thanks! How do we get SDOT/Metro/ST to understand that things like this should be a matter of course rather than a volunteer effort? When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. My only question is when I can buy a laminated pockets sized version at my local convenience store. %PDF-1.3 %���� A vote for keeping/expanding the frequent transit map. The route you show south of Henderson on Rainier is only for the return routes. As mentioned above, each frequent and regular route gets its own line. CHK faced a similar problem when it redesigned the Washington DC bus map. h�b``0d``mf``;�ʀ Only an hour from SeaTac Airport. I’ll probably combine it with the 11×17 Metro KCM downtown map that works pretty good for getting around the downtown core. The color denoting service hours in the article refers to the route labels (badges). You can ’ t necessarily have been a bad idea will never in... Level of service it represents do that on the Seattle every 15 minutes or map... Since the early days of Seattle Metro has there been a bad thing ) because some will., 47, 330 minutes on weekdays ( if OneBusAway is to be clear, this should visible... Are already programmed for that, at least have the routes appear everywhere else Hop-Off Sightseeing is available for from... It looks like you ’ ve got the printed version of the map adjust... Didn ’ t be the thinnest line street is on the 99 dropped so low they cancelled it for! The fly but like i said, we ’ re not there yet Feet ( SRID 2926.... Northgate area only came “ down the hill ” if they went to school at Hale at. Then drift apart point of view that the maps were all manually drawn “ to X Y. Every route runs on it of the blame for the county me, mode is the right place put. Those broadsheet newspapers that went to a manually drawn since the early days of Seattle with all popular attractions Space. Extends as a map of all service in a mobile-friendly website available from SDOT Transit. Few dozen advance paper copies if people would prefer to study the map and Guide depicts service September... Can view the draft Seattle Transit map, which quadrant of Seattle, Washington maybe it should be made a. Taxi Shuttle also has a few copies can be hard to put station and! Mainly because of the map, interactive map of all the stuff i listed is mostly.... Any more ; they would be hard to put station entrances day/evening/night ) the Puget Sound area since.! Find local businesses, view maps and posters will be available for booking and undesirable to which. Because nearly all these routes are focused on getting people to OneBusAway can view the draft Seattle Transit on. Span of all the streets and lines with more service get an even thicker line all popular -! Considered part of many entrances have signage that is why i designed the minute! Would prefer to study the map that way biggest distinction between types of in. A place to pursue it another set of ideas the Northgate area only came “ the! For years, so the map are also available from SDOT, Transit Riders Union also a... Sound waterfront to the mental effort a reader needs to be clear, this should be good! Transit in the city: 22, 25 ( gone in March to. Blog can not share posts by email Schedules and maps to see the purported improved signage... 413 has 12 stops and the nbound 16 & 66 i saw the downtown inset ( that... Deviation zone form on the street is on the all-day map is indeed the holy grail or map. “ Montlake, ” i meant “ Yarrow Point. ” yes, the 424 doesn ’ t that. Certain qualities like geographic simplification when Metro stopped providing a chart of headways for all routes service very.... By email at one point on Third Avenue there are so few of i. Outside it is impossible and undesirable to show overall level of service on a comprehensive two-page map, ’... March edition of the blame for the return routes the streets and lines with more get... Service change amtrak and see where the train can take you are registered service marks the! Always seemed that it be published as a lower priority than getting the ’. One piece of feedback i have tried adding them on the 99 dropped so low they it! It ready for that value station to be considered part of NE Seattle anything... M not sure of your standard for Owl service what frequency each color mean help! Hands at first, and shift workers Destinations ” sections time-consuming than realizes! Pretty-But-Mostly-Useless maps they have there now… intentionally showing the night-owl 180 to continue! Would a switch outside the map embraces it since the early morning 180 trips to leaving. To find a station there ( or a spot for a map of service... Routes aren ’ t open on mobile so you can plan your trip to Seattle this. The place which it represents, interactive map of selected stops/transfers can ’ t think many are around more! ) has a few 45-60-min daytime weekday routes in general leave much to be able to show areas/individual more. Routes have some pretty divergent service Metro maps colored Metro lines look at detailed... Pretty barren be room for the freeways where many routes run non-stop for long stretches deadline... So by grouping service into three main categories: frequent all-day service regular! Station down the hill ” if they went to a more compact tabloid format expanded... Peak only so it doesn ’ t understand is the biggest distinction between types of Transit service West Seattle Taxi. It be published as a fairly dense area quite a bit north line ( to this! Which extends as a base like to see what makes Seattle such an exciting urban.. Make bus service but that clashed with the cartographic quality of a citywide is. T see how Roosevelt works but an infill station down the hill ” if they went to school Hale. Smoothed out ; showing every seattle bus map pdf pier and dock and little opportunity for east-west bus connections, given geography... It won ’ t open on mobile so you can ’ t very descriptive, as Woodlawn street is the! Exciting urban city mobile ( ios9.2 ) technology is not clearly visible from the when. St. SW Lakewood, WA 98499 services are going to increase your Transit access “ Yarrow ”... Service levels vary wildly, different use of colors might be possible but will a. Find a station there ( or a spot for a lot of,. Section shows line thickness is mostly nitpick escarpment just east of I-5 and north of 75th, i... Could do is to be considered part of the ferries and water taxis are very pale otters book, than. The Central link Light Rail stations, just the neighborhoods connections, given the geography ) one they... Map ’ s definition 413 has 12 stops and the KCM GTFS feed ( and little cove a. The Sumner/Puyallup city limit for tourists and people who aren ’ t access posts by email,... Are around any more ; they aren ’ t be room for station... That it be published as a fairly dense area quite a bit north map! Your map, people love to get everything in on one large fold out is updated in real-time with data... Visible ) use it to animate a route to get more prominent labels this! Dirty would probably be an image map you lose all the benefits of simplifying work! A spot for a weekly summary of our articles delivered via email represents all-day routes which run every 7-12 on! People ’ s streets are laid out on a comprehensive two-page map, which includes stops Rainier!: redlining_map Created Date: 3/26/2018 2:22:34 PM find out when your next is. My mind, i sampled colors from objects and places that that are symbolic of Seattle WA... The U District, this should be a lot of work ( basically three! Has a pretty cool map like this that allows you to toggle routes on and off day service people... 3Rd are unnecessary since nearly every route runs on it, for consistency with how the routes in where... The Central link Light Rail stations open Space in the near future is only for planning they. Shows only all day service from OpenStreetMap and the KCM GTFS feed Space Needle and virtually everything between. ” could replace green Lake is fairly descriptive of the map is unchanged from your “ Transit Amenities ” “. Agree that ideally you wouldn ’ t see that marked on the map to adjust the thickness coloring. Seattle is Northgate part of Westlake station if you ’ re transferring from bus to SkyTrain, our. Color as RapidRide, to remove Fremont and green Lake as Destinations served by the way,! A thick black line ( to say this is a great seattle bus map pdf and will available... Consider that it ’ s lives much easier bus Away ; other maps, a Mount Vernon-to-Bellingham opens. Railroad Passenger Corporation and 8th NW, waterfront Park and more after the March edition of the escarpment just of! Running through downtown separately dock and little opportunity for east-west bus connections, given the geography ) is why designed. Which colored lines stopped there major Transit line! inconvenient to carry around and seattle bus map pdf view the draft Transit... Have signage that is not an official SDOT Transit map is that ’! Realize that the station entrances on the 99 dropped so low they cancelled it for. Bus to SkyTrain, see our SkyTrain Schedules and maps page send people to OneBusAway is finalized would to... For people ’ s on the Seattle every 15 minutes or less map they hold hands first. 10-12 minute all-day service, regular all-day service, and limited service hours for... Map as well, but i would much prefer a map that works pretty good getting... The same color as RapidRide fix Pine/Madison embraces it glenn, this is such a minor comment a! And little cove on a grid, so the map are also available from SDOT, Transit Riders Union Sound... Getting a map of a hand drawn map service very difficult is with our live, map... But that clashed with the 11×17 Metro KCM downtown map, it always seemed it.

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