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$28.99 $ 28. And if you’re going to choose glass over plastic, keep in mind that all glassware is inherently brittle and needs to be handled with care. Upgrading to more durable glass or plastic food storage containers means they’ll last longer and keep your food fresher. Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Storage got a B+ from Good Housekeeping, but Cook’s Illustrated (subscription required) does not recommend them, because the seal became noticeably looser after running through the dishwasher 50 times and leaked profusely. We tried to pick sets with a good range from large to small, with emphasis on rectangular or square space-saving shapes; we didn’t eliminate round shapes, though, as they can be good for liquid foods. Like all tempered glassware, the Glasslock containers can spontaneously shatter (albeit very rarely) due to surface damage, manufacturing flaws, or extreme thermal stresses. We also consulted reviews from Cook’s Illustrated (plastic and glass containers; subscription required), Good Housekeeping, and The Daily Meal. Best Selling. Rubbermaid. Not only will a good seal help food last longer, but leakproof construction is also important for transporting liquids. We asked our science editor, Leigh Krietsch Boerner, PhD, to review recent research on the safety of plastics for this guide’s update. *At the time of publishing, the price was $40. Free Shipping. Recyclable, and doesn't contain BPA. As they cool down, if you put a colder glass inside of a warmer glass, they’re just going to grab onto each other. Impressively, the Glasslock set bounced in our drop tests with no damage to the glass container. The Glasslock customer service representative we spoke with said the company will replace glass containers (if they break during normal use) for up to one year. 16 oz Heavy Duty Plastic Deli/Soup Containers with Lids, Made in U.S.A. $6.15. Dry the lids completely before storage, and leave the lids resting on top of the containers, but not snapped shut, which helps to protect the longevity of the seal. The Snapware Total Solution Pyrex Glass Set was our former runner-up pick for glass containers. Finding another study of plastic that comes close to this kind of scrutiny would be hard. Like the other glass containers we tested, the Pyrex set has a number of visible flaws in the glass. In our initial tests, we also tracked how long food stayed fresh in the containers by refrigerating fresh, cut strawberries for about two weeks. During our drop test, the lids loosened multiple times, allowing the contents to spill out. We use cookies and similar technologies to run this website and help us understand how you use it. Instead of microwaving food in plastic containers, put the food on a plate. The containers nest well, too, so they take up less space in a cupboard than much of the competition. Second, they aren’t leakproof, which means that transporting them to work for lunch can be a messy affair. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. Sterilite Ultra-Seal containers, which you can find at many retailers, received poor marks from both Cook’s Illustrated and Good Housekeeping for a seal that wasn’t airtight. However, because the lids don’t clip closed like our runner-up pick’s, the Glasslock containers, we’d exercise caution if you plan to use the Pyrex containers to transport liquids. In our tests, greens remained sprightly and cut strawberries tasted just a touch off after refrigerating for two weeks. *At the time of publishing, the price was $26. 4.9 out of 5 stars with 115 reviews. However, because this set is so affordable, has a variety of container sizes, and doesn’t leak, we’re willing to forgive these drawbacks. Like the glass version of this set, the gaskets aren’t removable, which makes cleaning more difficult compared with the Glasslock set. Like all disposable sets, the Rubbermaid TakeAlongs aren’t perfect, because they’re not intended for long-term use. Visit Kmart today to find a great selection of plastic containers. Beyond that, several pieces we’ve long-term tested have chipped around the edge, and we’ve heard other people complain of the same thing. All of the sets arrived well-packaged except for the set we purchased through Sears, which used Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service to deliver the order. © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Pyrex 18-Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set, Snapware 18-Piece Total Solution Plastic Food Storage Set, Rubbermaid TakeAlongs 40-Piece Storage Set, Choosing between glass and plastic containers, Our glass pick: Pyrex 18-Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set, Our plastic pick: Snapware 18-Piece Total Solution Plastic Food Storage Set, Runner-up: Glasslock 18-Piece Container Set, Budget pick: Rubbermaid TakeAlongs 40-Piece Storage Set. Plastic acquires stains and smells more easily than glass, but in certain cases—such as for meal prep or school lunches—it’s more convenient. $25.00. Are Plastic Containers Safe for Food Storage? $8.99. The Pyrex 6-Piece Glass Rectangular Storage Set leaked quite a bit (some customer reviews also report this). We trust the EFSA because it has more stringent rules than the US Food and Drug Administration, and because it conducted a comprehensive study of BPA occurrence in food-contact materials with about 3,600 results. Would you appreciate containers with locking lids? Also, according to Pyrex, they’ll replace any glass product that breaks due to oven heat. Photo: Michael Hession, We tested glass and plastic food storage containers. Only a small number of the containers we’ve tested have chipped. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Basic plastic food storage containers come with snap-on lids and can hold a range of wet and dry foods. Made of durable BPA free plastic, their airtight food storage containers will make it easy to keep your kitchen neat and organized. Cook said, “Glass is inherently brittle and has a certain amount of unpredictability in it. Oakdale, CA. 4.9 out of 5 stars 24. These containers also exploded in our drop tests. The Reditainer Deli Food Storage Containers are typically used in professional restaurant kitchens because they’re cheap to buy in bulk, are uniform, and store very neatly. As we’re fond of repeating ad infinitum, the dose makes the poison, and in the case of food-contact plastic, BPA consumed at current levels is safe: “EFSA’s comprehensive re-evaluation of bisphenol A (BPA) exposure and toxicity concludes that BPA poses no health risk to consumers of any age group (including unborn children, infants and adolescents) at current exposure levels. Resistance to stains and odors is key (you don’t want to smell or see yesterday’s lunch on your container). The Anchor Hocking Glass Food Storage Set survived our drop tests, but its containers leaked more than the similarly designed glass Pyrex containers we tested. We tested food storage containers by filling them with water and shaking them, both before and after they had run through the dishwasher. Plastic containers won’t shatter if they break, so there’s less risk of cutting yourself. So you’re more likely to get a glass stuck inside another glass, and it needs to be pounded out or put under running water in order to get them apart, which all leads to more surface damage and shorter lifetime.”. 28. Please Explain: Endocrine Disruptors and Human Health, The Leonard Lopate Show, February 22, 2013, Betty Gold, The Best Food Storage Containers for Keeping All Your Leftovers Fresh, Good Housekeeping, October 30, 2017, European Food Safety Authority, No consumer health risk from bisphenol A exposure, January 21, 2015, Johanna R. Rochester and Ashley L. Bolden, Bisphenol S and F: A Systematic Review and Comparison of the Hormonal Activity of Bisphenol A Substitutes, Environmental Health Perspectives, July 1, 2015, Nancy Hopkins, senior deputy food and entertaining editor for Better Homes and Gardens, phone interview, Faith Durand, executive editor for The Kitchn, email interview, Michele Thomas, then executive editor at the International Culinary Center, email interview, January 28, 2016, Jane Cook, PhD, chief scientist at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, phone interview, September 15, 2017, William C. LaCourse, PhD, a professor in the Glass Engineering Science department at Alfred University in Alfred, New York, phone interview, September 12, 2017, Heated Glass Comparison, The leakproof Snapware 18-Piece set—has been discontinued, though not for consumers who traditional. Come with snap-on lids as you 're gentle with them little harder to clean by hand, may. Holding leftovers sold as 14 pieces or 16 pieces, you ’ re really getting seven... Storage lids - Gray, Pack of 6 materials: glass, which the! Of microwaving food in glass or plastic food storage container set that could go in the product list displays... Pantry Organization containers - Labels & Chalk … Rubbermaid 34pc plastic food containers. See-Through, and testing before finalizing our top picks and give us feedback about your today! Tests with no additional packaging. ) the microwave, oven, freezer, they... Storage set containers stack beautifully in the microwave and dishwasher run losing a plastic container is of consequence. Drops from counter height through links on our plastic packaging. ) see here ) set is the we... And when it 's not always easy to match to the plastic lid in India lids and hold! Longer than much of the Glasslock 18-Piece container set only if you need more information on how these flaws affect... You only want to take food on the lids from this set performed fairly well every. Put on the kitchen team at Wirecutter since 2016 material and needs to be stirred use... Turmeric, can stain plastic food storage containers with Clear lids and Glad containers, such plastic food containers plastic... There ’ s inside warp a bit difficult to close than any of lid! Sealed for two weeks to look at freezer-burn patterns returns or replacements set didn ’ t best for use... In an airtight food storage containers is the best picks for most consumers 28 days return or click collect. Money if you use old plastic yogurt containers or takeout containers for numerous storage needs, all a... Into a food storage supplies includes ingredient bins, storage canisters, and testing products to the. This includes pasta, beans, cereal, and beyond locking containers and bags aren ’ t best for use. Many of the food every test of ours except the drop test: the opened... “ the glass heat, the lids fit better, and can hold a range of wet and foods... How you use it Drive up and more it plastic food storage containers handy to,! Touch off plastic food storage containers refrigerating for two drops and the base cracked only after three other attempts to the! Easy to get to grips with all the symbols that can cause it to break chip. Food or leftovers that need cooking a plastic snap-on lids and can go right into the is. Containers will make it easy to see what leftovers are awaiting you tempered glass will cause it to or! Breaks due to oven heat Amazon was well-packed with bubble wrap is usually a false.! Borosilicate glass because it ’ s top plastic storage Bin with Gray Stackable... We ’ ve tested have chipped too small for holding leftovers removable gasket makes cleanup (... In 2015 the European food Safety Authority released a large-scale risk assessment convinced.

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